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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings are a very beneficial addition to many industrial and commercial premises. There are a number of reasons a Suspended Ceiling is often chosen over a standard ceiling, and the ARW team will happily guide you to the best type for your own individual business' needs.

We design, supply and install a wide range of Suspended Ceiling Systems, including but not exclusive to, standard Lay-in grid with fibre or metal tiles, plasterboard MF systems as a flat surface, or bespoke high-tech installations.

Here are just a few of the reasons for choosing a Suspended Ceiling solution:

  • Price: Suspended Ceilings are a very cost-effective option.
  • Practicality: Suspended Ceilings provide a very useful area in which to house the many unsightly wires and cables which are found on all modern commercial premises.
  • Insulation: The air which is trapped between the Suspended Ceiling and the original ceiling serves as an effective insulator. Plus, a lower ceiling height means less airspace in any given room, reducing the amount of air to be cooled or heated, therefore helping to reduce energy costs.

Working closely with Suspended Ceiling suppliers like Armstrong, British Gypsum, Burgess and SAS Systems gives our clients the confidence that the end product is of a high standard also holding a long shelf-life.

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