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Making sure that your offices or commercial premises have the right flooring is obviously important; it plays a big part in both the aesthetic and functional design of the space. At ARW Contracts, our expert Office Fitout Team specialises in the provision and installation of a wide variety of Commercial Flooring types.

One of the most popular Office Flooring types is Raised Access Flooring. This is a little like a Suspended Ceiling in reverse! Raised flooring consists of pedestal supported floor panels above a base floor (the original floor). The space which is created between the raised floor and the old floor is then utilised for housing mechanical and electrical services, so they remain concealed and protected whilst being readily accessible for maintenance, alteration and expansion.

Access flooring offers many benefits, including: Advanced cooling capabilities (perfect for Data Centres), reduced fire risk and overall Flexibility.

We offer many other commercial flooring types and happy to help you decide which is best for your needs as part of our Commercial Fitout remit. The Flooring we offer to clients includes: timber flooring, sprung floors, carpet tiles, poly flooring and vinyl flooring.

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