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At ARW Contracts we understand that Air Conditioning and Cooling Systems are crucial to modern office environments. Whether it is the design, installation, service or maintenance of Temperature Control Systems, we aim to exceed our customer’s expectations every time.

The requirement for cooling in commercial environments comes from a number of factors: Multiple occupants, overhead lighting, computer heat emissions and solar gain from large windows are currently the main culprits. ARW's experts understand the issues and will set about designing and installing the right Air Conditioning or Ventilation Systems for your specific needs.

The benefits of having the right Air Conditioning systems are important for your business. Obviously, keeping key equipment at the right temperature is critical, but there are a number of other advantages:

  • High-functioning Air Conditioning Systems use less energy; ultimately reducing costs.
  • Improving Office Air Conditioning will improve the well-being of your employees. Consequently allowing the correct working conditions resulting in higher operational levels.
  • Updating Office Air conditioning can improve the health of everyone in the office, as you reduce the spread of colds, germs, bacteria, mould and mildew.
  • Modern Air Conditioning Systems are quieter; reducing background noise can certainly be a benefit for companies where employees use the phone as part of their jobs.

At ARW Contracts, our Temperature Control Installations range from small Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems to multiple VRV/VRF Systems with Heat Recovery. We can also provide bespoke Close Control Solutions for IT clients, including Cooling Systems for Computer Server Suites, Comms Rooms, and Data Centres.

Where a client's office or commercial space has a Suspended Ceiling, or alternative ceiling void, Ceiling Cassette Systems represent an effective and unobtrusive method of Temperature Control. Where no ceiling void is available, we would typically recommend the installation of a high level Wall-mounted Air Conditioning System.

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